Phase 2: Open For Business

Oh my goodness-we have missed seeing you in person! A big, huge thanks to all of you who supported us by purchasing paint, paint kits, gift certificates, masks, etc, and those who liked, commented, and shared our posts with friends to keep us busy and remain open during the shutdown. We appreciate each and every one of you. 

With Phase 2 in effect here in Massachusetts, we are so very ready to open our doors once again. Please practice social distancing while shopping and talking, and be mindful of touching your face and products in the shop. We will have hand sanitizer at the front door and checkout counter, and cotton masks in a variety of colors and sizes are available for purchase online or in the shop. 

For those of you not quite ready to venture out and in to the shop, we will continue to provide curbside pickup. Order online or phone (508)297-0504.

Be Safe-We can’t wait to see you!

Paint Rust and Pixie Dust


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