Refinishing and Painting Furniture: Saving the landfills and quality pieces

I painted my first piece of furniture 12 years ago. It was a bookcase from my Nana’s house. The piece had seen better days and just didn’t work with my decor. It was a dark wood, with plenty of nicks and scratches. But I really liked it, and it was a sturdy, well-made piece. My sister suggested painting it; to give it a makeover. So I did. I chose a beautiful shade of blue that fit nicely in my living room.

(Obviously not my bookcase, but this coffee table is similar to the colors)

That’s how all this, my obsession with painted furniture, started. After that I looked around the whole house…what ELSE could I “makeover”?

Refinishing furniture brings me joy. Finding an ugly duckling piece with scratches, stains, hardware missing, and fixing it up like new makes me so happy. I love the transformations. I can always see the possibilities in something. Being able to work magic with a paintbrush is so satisfying. 


AFTER!! (We also used re-design with PRIMA transfers, also available in the shop)


At Paint Rust and Pixie Dust, we choose good, quality pieces to refinish because we know they’ll last a very long time. Older, vintage, and antique pieces that have “good bones,” ie: solid wood, dove tails, finger joints, and steady legs that can stand the test of time. Call it recycling, up-cycling, or repurposing-we are down with it all. We have a great selection of pieces already painted in the shop, and we will do custom paint work for you.


AFTER! (Jolie paint and re-design with Prima Transfers)

AFTER (Surprise inside the side drawers, using re-design with PRIMA stencils)

Some people shudder at the thought of painting wood furniture. They think it will “lose value”, or “take away from the quality of the piece.”  And that’s fine. Some people are purists when it comes to that sort of thing. I always say, “is your home a museum, or is it a HOME?” Be comfortable, enjoy your space and your things. Are you using it or selling it? Are you really going to haul it down to the event center the next time Antiques Roadshow rolls into town? Probably not.

Before (She is beautiful, but really needed a makeover to lighten and brighten up the space, and cover up her scratches, dents, and stains.)

AFTER! Isn’t she gorgeous???

AFTER We kept the top natural as a nice contrast to the lighter paint color by sanding out the scratches and using Jolie’s Topcoat Finish to seal and protect.


Look around your home. Does it need an update? We understand that a lot of pieces can look dated in their original state, like my Nana’s bookcase. Or, the wood is so dark it seems to absorb all the light in a room. We will help you choose a great color or colors for your pieces. We use and sell Jolie Paints and Finishes, and with 42 gorgeous colors, four sealing waxes, three topcoats, and three gilding waxes-it’s a great, economical, and environmentally friendly way to decorate your home (and office). And for the wood purists, Jolie waxes will condition and make your wood shine. 

We love painting with Jolie Paints. Jolie Paint glides on smooth. It has low to no VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds), so there’s no chemical, sickening smell. Paint your projects inside your house, your kitchen-we do! Also, with regular latex paint, one would have to strip, sand, and prime the original piece in order for the latex paint to adhere without peeling. Not Jolie Paints. Jolie Paint is water-based, with ZERO latex.
Jolie Paint’s signature "do-everything" paint was formulated to make it quick and easy for you to get creative and transform your pieces. That means that you get a beautiful finish with little to no prep needed. Just clean/wipe down your piece, and start painting.
Let us show you how easy it can be to make changes AND save money. We provide free color consultation and basic how-tos in the shop. But if you need a little extra help or encouragement, we hold “Paint Your Own Piece” workshops; you’ll get side-by-side painting assistance, use of our paints and brushes, tips, handy tricks, sage advice from the Pixie Duster Experts, and a delicious lunch!
(Click on “Workshops” on our website’s home page or call the shop, 508-297-0504 to schedule)
Two of our Paint Your Own Piece Workshop attendees with PRPD owner, Michelle
We had this set in the shop for a bit in it’s “natural” state:
Michelle transformed both pieces to this magnificent AFTER:
She left the bases natural, painted the rest, and added new hardware pulls for the drawers. It is stunning.
This dated rocker was still in great condition so we updated it’s color to blend well into a nursery, porch, or living room.
Here are a few BEORE/AFTER custom pieces we’ve done for our customers. Scroll through to get motivated and inspired!
Call, email, private message on Facebook or Instagram, and stop by the shop to see for yourself how easy and inexpensive it is to makeover your furniture to fit your style and budget.
See you soon-
Michelle and The Pixie Dusters xoxo

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