Thanksgiving Luck

Did you get invited to Thanksgiving dinner? Lucky you! Let your host know how much you appreciate the invite with a thoughtful gift from our shop; we’ll even wrap it for you.

From the simplest, but still thoughtful: we have soaps, lotions, and candles. Plus,  holiday decor, serve-ware, and even one-of-a-kind pieces that will ensure you get invited back again and again!

Are you hosting dinner? Well. Then you are lucky enough to have that honor bestowed upon you. Or…you drew the short straw. Either way, we have all you need to decorate your table, buffet, kitchen counter, mantle, etc; and it’s all 30% OFF! That’s right, all Thanksgiving and Fall decor is 30% OFF.

We also have so much Christmas and winter decor stocked up, with new pieces arriving daily/weekly. 

Stop in and see the beautiful displays we’ve created to get your holiday spirit flowing! 

Happy Thanksgiving,

Michelle & The Pixie Dusters xoxo


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